Andre Dutly, MD

Dr. Dutly is the Chief Thoracic Surgeon at Kantonsspital St. Gallen in St. Gallen, Switzerland.

"In my experience, you get the whole package with Lexington Medical, proven by high quality products and responsiveness to surgeons’ needs. The AEON Endostapler has performed very well in nearly 200 thoracic surgeries - including complex lobectomies and segmentectomies - and when in my hands it undeniably feels like a well-engineered product. Recent findings from a prospective clinical trial are encouraging as the study evaluated the safety and efficacy of the stapler in our general thoracic surgery practice. 


In addition, I prefer AEON’s unique features including the dual firing gear for drier staple lines, smooth articulation for precise positioning and short tip anvil for better access in tight spaces and to avoid injury to critical structures. The company has proven itself time and time again that they listen to surgeons, and are committed to surgical stapling releasing new, impressive innovations at record speed.

A Sheen.jpg

Professor Aali Sheen, MD, FRCS

Professor Sheen is a Consultant General and Hepatopancreatobiliary Surgeon, at the Manchester Royal Infirmary, Manchester, UK. He also serves as the Hon. Clinical Professor of Surgery, University of Manchester & Vis. Chair, Manchester Metropolitan University.

"Our department has used the AEON Endostapler in over 160 hepato-pancreato-biliary  (HPB) surgeries and we have observed a sizable shift in patient outcomes for both liver and pancreas transectional procedures. One of the most common complications especially for lateral or distal pancreatectomies is a leak or pancreatic fistula which can last for several months at a great cost and debilitation to the patient. That is where I have found the biggest difference. Since switching to the AEON Endostapler, we have not experienced a single leak from the pancreatic parenchyma.


In terms of stapler handling, I have found the firing is much smoother and the haptic feedback is second to none, allowing us to feel what sort of tissue we’re dealing with. Importantly the weight of the device provides excellent stability and manipulation inside the abdomen, making it easy and above all safe to use. We certainly consider it a superior product - the Rolls Royce for HPB surgeons.”


Gagner 2.png

Michel Gagner, MD, FRCS, FACS, FASMBS

Dr. Gagner is the Chief of Surgery  at Westmount Square Surgery Center in Montreal, Canada. He is  also Professor of Surgery at Herbert Wertheim School of Medicine, IFU and a Senior Consultant at Hopital du Sacre Coeur. 

"In over 1,300 bariatric cases, we have seen excellent staple formation with the AEON endostapler. The unique dual firing gear allows for slow, controlled firing resulting in the best hemostasis I’ve seen and a low risk for post-operative complications for our patients.


Furthermore, I think the future is bright for Lexington Medical and it makes a lot of  sense for surgeons to partner with them as they deliver top service, consistently respond to surgeon feedback, and offer high quality products."


Christopher Hart, MD, FACS

Dr. Hart is the Medical Director at Atlanta General & Bariatric Surgery Center in Atlanta, GA. He is also the Bariatric Medical Director at Emory Johns Creek Hospital. 

"Prior to using AEON, we performed testing on excised stomach specimens to evaluate both staple formation and risk of leaks. The AEON consistently outperformed the other staplers and we quickly became very comfortable with the product. Our patient results have been fantastic in over 1,100 bariatric cases. With the various staple heights made for variable tissue thickness, we have found our staple formation has been consistent even when crossing staple lines.


In addition, it is refreshing to have a new option in surgical stapling from a company stirring things up by driving more value and innovation in the market. I’ve never experienced such responsiveness from a company or openness to feedback."

M Khrais.jpeg

Mohammad Khrais, MD, FRCS

Dr. Khrais is the Founder & Consultant Surgeon at Al-Kindi Hospital in Amman, Jordan.  He is also the owner of a private clinic in London, United Kingdom.  

"After performing over 2,400 surgeries with the AEON Endostapler, we have experienced zero leaks, no post-operative bleeding, or other patient complications. I encourage my surgeon colleagues to try AEON for its smooth surgical handling, secure firing, and superior hemostasis. Once you do, you will not want to go back to your previous surgical stapler


In addition, despite challenging market conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic, we grew the surgery volume at our new state-of-the-art private hospital. This would not have been possible without the support from our dedicated partners at Lexington Medical as we have not encountered any product shortages or performance issues that we previously ran into with other manufacturers. It is truly the best endostapler available and the competition is good for surgeons, patients and the advancement of bariatric medicine."


James Redmann, MD, FACS

Dr. Redmann is a Bariatric Surgeon at Surgical Specialists of Louisiana in Covington, LA. He is also the Medical Director at WhyWeight Clinic.

"The AEON endostapler works great. I and my three partners have completed over 1,000 bariatric cases and been very satisfied with the clean, beautiful staple lines. Previously, I was frustrated by other companies for their yearly price increases with no real noteworthy product improvements.


With AEON, we are finding superior hemostasis as the fresh blade with each reload makes for a much less traumatic, smooth serosal edge. Other products often required much time spent cauterizing and applying clips to reinforce the staple line. The AEON is a true ‘win-win’ as it is a high quality product available with excellent service, I've experienced zero complications, and has resulted in a significant improvements in our procedures."

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Greg Walton, MD, FACS

Dr. Walton is a Bariatric Surgeon and MBS Director at Summit Medical Center in Oklahoma City, OK. He is also the owner of WeightWise Bariatric Program.

"As an early adopter of the AEON endostapler, we’ve been fortunate to observe and be part of product evolution over a relatively short period of time. Namely, we have found the new dual firing gear allows for much smoother, easier firing in the thicker tissue of the stomach.


In addition, my partner and I operate at a physician-owned facility where we have performed over 1,600 bariatric cases with the AEON. We are always looking to optimize safety and patient outcomes and partnering with Lexington Medical has allowed for us to continue to deliver on our track record of optimal patient outcomes."

The comments above were compiled from surgeon interviews and may not reflect the views of Lexington Medical.

The comments above were compiled from surgeon interviews and may not reflect the views of Lexington Medical.