Master Class Series

We understand as a surgeon, continuing education and collaborating with peers help you stay on top of emerging trends, clinical techniques, and best practices to apply in your practice. In this educational series, we welcome subject matter experts from across the globe to share insights and research in minimally invasive surgery. 

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OAGB: Techniques, tips and tricks, and pitfalls.
Avoiding and managing complications

This webinar reviewed Dr. Helmuth Billy’s experience with the OAGB procedure in both a primary and revisional setting, what he has adapted and improved over time to ensure he gets the best outcomes for his patients whilst minimizing any complications. Dr. Billy will discuss some of the complications he has experienced and his learnings. The session will be moderated by local surgeon A/Prof Sandroussi who has experience with the OAGB procedure.

Surgeon Faculty

Optimizing Bariatric Patient Care:
Trends in Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery

Watch our inaugural webinar to hear our international panel of expert bariatric surgeons, who have collectively performed well over 30,000 procedures, discuss laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy - the widely popular metabolic surgery - and present their varying techniques and unique approaches stemming from their vast experience.

Surgeon Faculty

On-Demand Education

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